Small town Indiana girl with big dreams & a huge eye for detail.

My Background

I would first like to welcome you to my page and thank you for looking at me as an option to capture your memories for you!! I know how important photos are, they are moments in time you will be able to look at, hold, and cherish forever. Which is why it is important that you choose a photographer who cares and understands your wants and ideas. To start off, my name is Kaylee Ross. I was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon but shortly afterward moved to Peru, Indiana where I was raised. I am now based out of Kokomo, Indiana and I have been into photography and different styles of art since I was a very young age. From drawings to paintings to capturing images on throw away cameras I have always had a big passion for art and stuck to photography the most. I love having the ability to capture a moment in time, to be able to view it for as long as I wish to. Throughout high school most of my extra classes were for art & photography. Closing that chapter up to my senior year I was handpicked, only 30 out of 100 students were chosen for a certain art class that was advanced. This class allowed you to pick your art. I chose Photography of course! My teacher was a huge supporter of my work and always told me to never give up, "you will go somewhere with this!" I won first place in a scholastics art award show and my photo was featured in their magazine. I took off from there and went to college for business and photography which is where I learned a lot of skills and became more advance in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Why should you choose me to capture your memories?

The answer is simple! I've been professionally photographing people for 5 years now. I go above and beyond for every single client. Customer satisfaction is my top priority and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy! I have years of experience and my work shows. I take my client's ideas, wants, and needs into consideration. These are your portraits and I want them to turn out how you imagine it.  

What's My Style?

People sometimes ask me, what type of photography services do you offer.  My answer, I do it all. I do offer indoor studio photoshoots and outdoor on location photoshoots. Please flip through my pages of work to see the different areas I have been hired for the most. If you're looking for a particular service please contact me and we can discuss if I will be the right photographer for you and your needs. 

All images of myself curtesy of Kevin Miller from Roscoe Reels