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Hello There,

I'm Kaylee!

I'm never good writing or talking about myself, so I never know how to start these things! I'm a mom to a amazing two year old boy & he consumes me whenever I'm not behind the camera or my laptop editing. Becoming a mom has made me see the world through a different lens, realizing just how important those photos are in the moment because they grow so fast! Although I've been into photography from a young age & started professionally 10 years ago out of high school, the last few years I've really dove deep into the importance of capturing the moment, not just the cheesy smiles. Because I want your photos to show the real you, the real family you've created & love! I take pride in every photo I take, I hand edit every image to perfection - the beauty of being a perfectionist - so you can look back and relive the moments and fall in love all over again! 

Please feel free to reach out, using my form at the bottom of the page, I take pride in responding to emails as fast as possible! I hope to hear from you soon!

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