COPYRIGHT - A Flash In Time Photography holds all rights to each image. Every image is protected by copyright and may only be reproduced with permission. Producing images without permission is a violation of copyright and this contract. Most sessions come with a print release but under special circumstances there may not be, please refer to your session details. The print release only grants the CLIENT permission to print. This does not grant copyright, the images still belong to A Flash In Time Photography.


MODEL RELEASE - The CLIENT hereby grants A Flash In Time Photography the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the CLIENT for any purpose. Including advertisements, displays, publication, social media platforms, etc.


IMAGES & DELIVERY - The CLIENT will receive their edited photos on a digital download (if applicable) in approximately 2 weeks from the session date. Please be aware this is a delivery estimate and not a guarantee. Busy seasons or emergencies can delay the processing time. The digital download will remain active for 90 DAYS, after the 90th day there is no guarantee the gallery link will be active. Please download and back up all the images from your gallery. The CLIENT is responsible for making their own backup of images. A Flash In Time Photography will make every attempt to keep copies of images but does not guarantee it.


ARTISTIC STYLE - On A Flash In Time Photography's behalf and on behalf of the CLIENT, the CLIENT acknowledges that they are familiar with the photographers portfolio and is requesting services with knowledge of the photographers style. That photographers work is constantly evolving, that photographers services are of unique and artistic nature, that the photos may be different from photographs taken in the past, and that in creating the photos, the photographer shall use her personal artistic judgement to create photos consistent with her personal vision of the event. Which vision may be different from the CLIENTS, and or the subjects vision of the event. Accordingly, CLIENT acknowledges that the photos shall not be subject to rejection on the basis of taste or aesthetic criteria. Additionally under ZERO circumstances will RAW image files be able to view or be given to the CLIENT as the PHOTOGRAPHER delivers images from her unique artistic style, and under ZERO circumstances shall the CLIENT edit or alter the images given by the PHOTOGRAPHER in any way without full written permission from the PHOTOGRAPHER.


COOPERATION - A Flash In Time Photography will not be held accountable for not capturing desired photographs due to things that are not within the PHOTOGRAPHER'S control. The PHOTOGRAPHER is not responsible for key individuals failure to be present or cooperate during the session. Children are often unpredictable, and the PHOTOGRAPHER will make every effort to get the best quality photos, within their control, but they can not control the expressions of the parties in the session, and no reshoot will be offered for unfavorable expressions, the parties unwillingness to take direction, or cooperate with the PHOTOGRAPHERS requests. The parties agree to positive cooperation and communication for the best possible result, within the definition of this agreement.


PRINTING - A Flash In Time Photography does offer printing through a professional photo lab for my clients via your digital download, although it is ultimately up to the CLIENT where they choose to print their photos. I strongly advise against using local pharmacies and grocery stores for printing as their quality is low, and the color grading is off. In the event the CLIENT chooses to use a store for printing not recommended by A Flash In Time Photography and their images do not turn out as they were hoping, A Flash In Time Photography is not held liable or responsible for this. No discounts, refunds, or favors will be issued as this was the CLIENTS decision to print where advised not to. I will stand behind the prints placed through the digital download ONLY. If the CLIENT would like to self fulfill their prints A Flash In Time Photography does recommended Mpix as a high quality option, but does not stand by these prints either.


PROFITING - If any photos by A Flash In Time Photography are used for any type of publication (online marketing, magazine, modeling, clothing, or any other means that earns the client profit) A Flash In Time Photography is to receive 15% of all sales and proper credit must be given to A Flash In Time Photography. PLEASE BE ADVISED: YOU MUST GET WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM A FLASH IN TIME PHOTOGRAPHY TO USE PHOTOS FOR ANY TYPE OF PUBLICATION. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A BREACH OF THIS CONTRACT. The CLIENT hereby agrees and understands this to the fullest.


INJURY LIABILITY - The CLIENTS safety is the utmost importance during the session. A Flash In Time Photography will do everything in her power to keep the CLIENT safe. A Flash In Time Photography will suggest poses and props that she knows do not pose a risk to the CLIENT. If the CLIENT has any poses or props in mind, please run them by the PHOTOGRAPHER before your session. You can suggest props and poses, but if it seems dangerous or if the CLIENT/PHOTOGRAPHER feels like someone could have the potential to get hurt, we will have to try something else.When requesting wildflower, fields or any nature location please be aware that there could be poison ivy, sumac, etc., and proceed with caution. By signing your name in the line below you understand that Kaylee Ross of A Flash In Time Photography will not be held liable for any injury, illness, allergic reaction, etc to the  CLIENTS during the photography session on or off of A Flash In Time Photography's property. If the CLIENT is uncomfortable during their session or in the current setting, please raise your concerns so that we may adjust to keep you comfortable.


ADDITIONAL - Please be cautious around studio equipment. In the event any piece of studio equipment is damaged/broken images will not be released until the cost of the equipment is paid in full. Payment is due immediately, failure to pay for cost of damages within 24 hours of invoice will result in breach of this contract. The CLIENT herby understands this to the fullest.

In the event a client / guest of the client is out of control, hostile, or causing disruptions the session will end immediately with no refunds. Additionally if at any point in time the Photographer feels unsafe, the Photographer has the right to end the session immediately with no refunds.