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A Photoshoot With Me!

If you're anything like me, I get extremely nervous before I get my photos taken. I even get nervous before some sessions. But once I introduce myself and get to chatting, it fades away.

Ideas & Posing

I highly recommend bringing poses and ideas with you that you like so I can get a taste of what you're after in your session. I want to use your ideas. I want your pictures to turn out how you want them. Putting personal input in really helps!

Pinterest is a go to place for ideas. Consider creating a board with all your ideas in it and sharing it with me prior to your session.


I always give my clients the opportunity to choose the location of their photoshoot. Some people have no idea where they want their photos taken at and ask me to decide for them. Whichever you decide is entirely up to you. The possibilities are endless for locations and photography. Think outside of the box. Google or Pinterest some ideas for inspiration. Take your time deciding the location. Seriously, it's no rush!


Upon booking we will discuss a date and time that works for everyone. Once decided you must pay a non refundable retainer and sign a contract. Don't worry, it's all digital! No session is booked without these two things completed. Session dates and times remain open to anyone until a retainer is paid and a contract is signed.

What to Wear Guide

Not sure what to wear? I have some guides that may help you! Most of my guides are created from ideas gathered off of Pinterest and of course personal experience. Googling and searching Pinterest for ideas on what to wear to your session is a fantastic idea as well.

3 Wardrobe "Rules"

Try to stay away from wearing the same shirts. The look is distracting and doesn't contrast well, see example on the left.

Using the same color palette with a mixture of flannels, cardigans, sweaters, shirts, scarfs, etc like the right is a very flattering yes!

*Disclaimer: the example wardrobe images do not belong to me


Following up to a few days before your session, I will send you a friendly reminder! Life can get ahead of us sometimes, so I always make it super easy and convenient for you to remember your photo appointment.

The day of your appointment

Upon meeting with you, your family, significant other, etc. We will have a short discussion about the poses you picked out (if any) and the best spots at the location for pictures.

Please keep in mindVariety. Different poses, different backgrounds, etc. We don't want all your photos to look the same.

Speak up! If you don't feel comfortable or like something, speak up. I want all of my clients to be comfortable and happy from start to finish!


Once the photoshoot is over, I apply my editing magic to all the best images and release them to you via a digital download within 1-2 weeks from your session date.

Some photos of myself in action, courtesy of Roscoe Reels

— Kaylee Ross, A Flash In Time Photography

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