• Kaylee Ross

First Pumpkin Patch Session 2018

The first day of fall this year was incredible. 65 degrees, no winds, and overcast / partly cloudy skies. What a perfect day to kick off the fall season and celebrate with a Pumpkin Patch Session with a adorable family!!!

This session took place at Price's Pumpkin Patch in Kokomo! Amazing enough I have lived in Kokomo for 7 years and just now found out about this gem!

Price's can be found off of West Jefferson Street past the Kroger on Dixon. You cannot miss it with all the signs & the front of their patch is a gorgeous sunflower field!

Prices is a family business, the whole property is their home. They are locals and I LOVE supporting locals!!!

Admission is free, although in order to have your photographs professionally taken on their patch you have to spend $20 on merchandise. They have a wide range of pumpkins from small, to medium, to large, to giant in multiple colors. They have a amazing selection of gourds & other fall decor.

Make this place a MUST SEE this fall season! & if you're interested in having photos taken at this location, I am offering $60 1 hour sessions. Plus the $20 merchandise fee that Prices requires. So make it a family event!!! Come pick out your pumpkins and decor and get your photos taken at the same time! What a great way to cherish the memories forever!

And for the family, just look at how adorable they are?! What a perfect family & a perfect day for the first Pumpkin Patch Session of the 2018 Season!

& all the adorable setups they have for portraits are just perfect! Don't miss out on getting your fall photos taken here this year. This place is definitely worth it all!

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